What is the easiest way to convert OST to PST?

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When your Exchange Server goes down and the work stalls, the only efficient way of getting back to work is immediate OST to PST data conversion. This task can be easily accomplished with the help of Inbox Repair Tool for OST.

Inbox Repair Tool for OST will help you convert OST to PST in no time!

If your company uses Microsoft Exchange for document exchange, scheduling and communications, you may eventually face a situation when the Exchange server and all of your data will be completely inaccessible due to a server crash, database corruption or accidental deletion of your user account. Fortunately, this problem can be solved with the help of Inbox Repair Tool for OST working in the OST to PST converter mode. OST files stored on your computer (locally) contain a copy of your Exchange account data, including email messages, attachments, notes, calendar entries and contacts. Although these files cannot be used in their original form, they can be converted from the OST to PST format and opened in Outlook. Inbox Repair Tool is not just an efficient recovery tool, but also a fast and easy to use OST to PST converter. The OST to PST conversion process takes minutes and allows you to get back to work immediately – you don’t have to wait for the company’s server administrators to get the Exchange server back online or replace the faulty hardware.

OST to PST conversion in this program is a sequence of simple steps.

If your Exchange server is down and you don’t know how to convert OST to PST, don’t worry. Essentially, this procedure is identical to recovering data from an OST file, the only difference being that the file is completely undamaged in this case. To convert OST to PST, do the following:

  1. Start Inbox Repair Tool for OST.
  2. Select the source OST file you want to use for OST to PST conversion.
  3. Select the name of the output PST file and its format (Outlook 2003 or Outlook 97-2002).
  4. Modify the data recovery options of the OST to PST converter, if necessary (output file structure normalization, processing of attachments).
  5. Click the “Read” button to proceed to the next stage and keep progressing through the wizard until the program saves the data and reports about a successful completion of the OST to PST conversion process. In this case, you will probably want to recover all of your data and not select the items to be recovered, so the process is fairly straightforward.

Now that you have performed OST to PST conversion, you can go to your Outlook and connect the new PST file to gain access to your emails and contacts. And since you now know how to convert OST to PST, the downtime of the corporate Exchange server is not a problem anymore! As your see, Inbox Repair Tool for OST [ download ] is not just a good recovery solution, but also an absolutely irreplaceable tool on the hard drive of any user working in a company that uses MS Exchange. Even if the entire company stops working due to the Exchange server downtime, you can quickly convert OST to PST and get back to work!