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Do I need a special tool to fix Outlook if it won’t start and show my folders?

January 26th, 2011

Learn how you can quickly resume your work when your corporate Exchange server goes down and your email and other Outlook items become unavailable. You can easily fix Outlook 2007 or fix Outlook 2003 using Inbox Repair Tool for OST.

Inbox Repair Tool for OST will help with an urgent Outlook file repair.

In an effort to centralize document exchange and provide employees with a more functional and flexible collaboration environment, many companies implement Microsoft Exchange as their primary enterprise communications platform. This approach has a number of distinct advantages as well as a serious downside – when the Exchange server goes down, it takes all of your Outlook data with it and all you are left with is an OST (offline storage) Outlook file that you cannot really work with. This situation is a real pain in the neck – especially for those of us who must stay connected with clients, vendors and suppliers at all times. Since typical downtimes can last from minutes to days, the best solution here is fix Outlook on your own. And if you don’t know how, Inbox Repair Tool for OST will provide questions to all of your questions. All you need to do to get back to normal work is to convert your OST file to the PST format and connect it to your Outlook. In essence, this operation is identical to OST recovery with subsequent conversion to PST, but in the OST Outlook file in thus case is absolutely undamaged. To fix Outlook using the method described above, follow these simple steps:

With this software, OST recovery becomes a snap and a matter of minutes.

  1. Start Inbox Repair Tool for OST and select the source OST file you want to use for OST recovery.
  2. Select the name and location of the destination PST Outlook file and its version-specific format (Outlook 2003 or Outlook 97-2002).
  3. Configure the options for this Outlook file repair operation (output file structure optimization and compression, inclusion of attachments). This step is optional and you can leave the default settings unchanged.
  4. Use the “Read” button to proceed to the next stage and keep clicking through the wizard until the program saves the data and reports about a successful completion of data extraction and conversion. Since you will most probably convert all of your data, you do not need to select specific items to be recovered. After that, start your Outlook, and add the PST file you just generated to using the “File – Data File Management” command.

As you see, you don’t need to know anything about the structure of OST or PST files to fix Outlook. With Inbox Repair Tool for OST, you can fix Outlook 2003 or fix Outlook 2007 in no time when your company’s Exchange server is down. The OST data recovery capabilities of Inbox Repair Tool for OST can be used for restoring Outlook data from damaged files and performing fast OST to PST conversion in situations like the one described above.