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Can I recover data from a password protected PST file?

January 8th, 2011

If you are dealing with a PST file that is password-protected, Inbox Repair Tool for PST will have absolutely no problems recovering data from it . Besides, Inbox Repair Tool for PST can help remove your PST password during recovery.

The fastest and easiest way to completely remove PST password protection

Since PST storage files often contain highly confidential information, a lot of users eventually make a decision to protect their data with a password to prevent unauthorized access. However, passwords (especially those created using random password generators) tend to get lost and forgotten, thus depriving you of access to your business correspondence, contacts and calendar tasks. Always remember to write down or memorize your passwords, as their loss can make a small problem instantly grow into a much larger and often unsolvable one. If you looking to recover data from a password protected PST file, Inbox Repair Tool for PST can offer a reliable and efficient solution.

This tool will help you remove your PST file password in nearly no time!

The primary purpose of Repair Tool for PST [ download ] is the comprehensive recovery of Outlook items from damaged files, both regular ones and the ones protected by a password. Please note that the program is not a PST password cracker or a specialized tool for PST password recovery. The software opens a file and starts extracting recoverable Outlook items nevertheless the password is not entered or prompted. Recovered data are then saved to an output file of your choice. During recovery, the program completely removes PST password protection from the structure of the file, which allows you to replace it with a new, longer and more reliable password if the old one turned out to be insufficiently reliable. As the result, you have a file with all of the recovered items but without a password of any sort! Therefore, if you want to remove PST password protection from a completely undamaged file, the program will be a perfect candidate for the job – it will completely remove the PST password and clone the contents of the original file.

Although PST password recovery in Inbox Repair Tool for PST is impossible, it is still extremely easy to remove PST file password protection, since you don’t need to concentrate on item selection of anything else. Just select the damaged file and click through to the end of the process to select the destination location. The software will take care of the rest and save the file without the PST password you are having problems recalling.

PST Inbox Repair Tool efficiently recovers all types of data from regular and password protected PST files and will help you get back to work in no time. The program is so straightforward that it will not be a pain in the neck even for users that are not familiar with such activities at all. The program supports PST files of any structure and size (including files as large as 4 GB and up), automatically compacts and optimizes all the files it generates and has a minimalistic, yet very intuitive and easy to use wizard-based interface.

Inbox Repair Tool for PST designed to work with PST file format only. If you need to repair data from OST files, please use the Inbox Repair Tool for OST. In case if you planned to repair files of OST and PST format, please use the Inbox Repair Tool for Outlook.