Seems like I have a damaged OST file. Can this be fixed?

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Learn how damaged OST files containing your Outlook items can be quickly fixed using Inbox Repair Tool for OST, an affordable and highly efficient OST recovery solution. The program features and intuitive interface and works with files of any size.

This tool will recover OST data even from severely damaged files!

OST files are traditionally used by Microsoft Outlook for storing email messages and attachments for offline browsing. These files co-exist with the more common PST files and are vulnerable to the same threats. Typical incidents involving the file system can damage your OST file, thus making it impossible to view your mail in the offline mode when your computer is not connected to the Internet or your local network. A file can get damaged for a number of reasons: a power failure and subsequent corruption of the system area of your hard drive, consequences of a virus attack, virus removal or risky experiments undertaken by the user. If you are facing this problem right now and would like to recover OST data from you file, you will need two things: Inbox Repair Tool for OST and several minutes of your time. This OST recovery solution will help you get back to work within the shortest time possible and the process won’t be hard at all

Restore data from a corrupt OST file in a series of simple steps

With Inbox Repair Tool for OST, valuable data from a damaged OST file can be restored very quickly. Its simple and highly intuitive interface can be used by anyone, even users with basic computer skills.

To fix OST data, do the following:

  1. Start the program and select the corrupt OSTfile you want to recover. The file can be physically located on your HDD or in your local network.
  2. Wait for the program to scan the internal structure of the file and decide on the best OST recovery algorithm.
  3. Preview the OST items that can be recovered with a high degree of certainty.
  4. Finish the OST recovery process and wait for the program to save the data to the location of your choice.

As you see, you won’t need much time to restore OST data. Follow the instructions of the wizard and press the “Next” button when necessary to proceed to the next step. The program uses a smart engine that combines several algorithms to recover OST data and make sure none of your files are lost forever. This software can fix OST files with any number of items and of any size (4 GB and larger files are fully supported). Inbox Repair Tool of OST is capable of restoring all known Outlook items: email messages, personal contacts, calendar entries and notes. Damaged OST files are pre-compacted and optimized, which translates into faster loading of Outlook and its smoother operation. While attempting to restore OST data, Repair Tool for OST does not modify the original file and allows you to resort to other methods and tools if it fails to cope with this task.

With Inbox Repair Tool, restoring your data from a corrupt OST file becomes a snap. Remember a simple rule – follow the instructions and click Next to progress towards the end of the process and recovering your information.