Your satisfaction is very important to us. To make sure that the program is right for you, please download and try it in restricted mode. The demo version has all the advantages of the full version, but contains small restrictions which should not prevent you from being convinced of the program’s efficiency. After purchase you do not have to uninstall the demo version. You simply enter the registration code and restart the program to convert to the full version.

You can obtain the program using the following payment methods: Credit / Debit Card – Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, JCB, Solo, Maestro; Phone Order, Fax Order, Check / Cash, Wire Transfer, Purchase Order, PayPal, WebMoney.

Important: Please make sure that you are buying the program which corresponds to the damaged file type. With program Inbox Repair Tool for Outlook you can recover OST and PST format damaged files, while program Inbox Repair Tool for OST only recovers OST format files and Inbox Repair Tool for PST only recovers PST format files.


To buy a license and register the program, choose it below:

* limited time offer, price cut
Software Name Price (USD) Purchase Link
Inbox Repair Tool for Outlook $95.90 $45.90 buy now
Inbox Repair Tool for PST $59.90 $29.90 buy bow
Inbox Repair Tool for OST $59.90 $29.90 buy now

* – Price includes VAT

Advantages of the full version:

  • Lifetime licenseyou can always update and use the latest version of your purchased program;
  • Unlimited recoveryunlimited number of files can be processed;
  • Recovery serviceyou can be confident that we will do everything possible to recover your data;
  • Quick deliveryyou receive the registration key immediately after purchase;
  • VAT paymentwe pay the tax, price includes VAT;
  • Refundwe will refund you if your file cannot be recovered by our specialists even partly;

Before purchase please do the following:

1. Download the program corresponding to your needs and install it.
2. Start the program and use it to analyze the damaged file

At this stage the program reads all data that it can recover and you can look at each element to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the result. Please do not rush and study the preview carefully.

We also recommend that you do the following:

3. After viewing the contents of the damaged file, save the recovered data in a new, undamaged, PST file. The demo version only saves part of the data.
4. Exit the program and open the recovered file in MS Outlook to check that the data was saved.

Unfortunately, not all damaged PST / OST files can be recovered in full. Some damage makes it impossible to recover even part of the PST file information. The four simple steps described above mean that you can avoid disappointment if the program can not help. However, if you did not test the program, but hurried to obtain a license, we are willing to help you recover your PST / OST file manually. For this, contact our technical support and describe in detail how the damage happened, your operating system version and the version of Outlook installed on your computer. In reply you will receive instructions on how to send us the file for recovery. Our experts will do all their best to recover as much data as possible.