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How to view Outlook PST folders in a corrupted PST file?

January 21st, 2011

See how Inbox Repair Tool for PST can help you open a corrupt PST file and view your Outlook folders with all of their content. Learn how this software can be used for the restoration your Outlook personal folders and selective PST recovery.

Find out how to view Outlook folders stored in a damaged PST file

When your Outlook PST file gets damaged, you cannot use it in any way – Outlook won’t accept it as a valid storage file and you cannot save your data in any way. A damaged PST file is like a locked box full of your personal correspondence, contacts, tasks and everything else you need to efficiently fulfill your daily tasks. So if you are facing a corrupt PST file problem and would like to see your Outlook PST folders again and as soon as possible, you will need a tool for fixing it – a tool like Inbox Repair Tool for PST.

Inbox Repair Tool for PST allows you to see all of your Outlook personal folders and their contents, as well as to fix PST file damages and recover PST files of any size in the shortest time possible.

Fix PST file corruption and view your Outlook folders with a single tool!

Inbox Repair Tool for PST is by far one of the easiest and the most efficient PST recovery tools on the market. The minimalistic interface of the program allows users to get the ball rolling seconds after launching the program – and they don’t need to be recovery pro’s to fix damaged Outlook files. The software can be used by anyone with average computer skills and absolutely no experience in data recovery.

The recovery process consists of several easy steps:

  1. Selection of the damaged PST you’d like to recover data from. The file can be located on your hard drive, a removable drive on your computer or in your local network.
  2. Scanning and analysis of the file contents.
  3. Preview of recoverable data, including Outlook PST folders.
  4. Saving of the recovered data to the specified location.

The program fully supports very large PST file of over 4 GB in size and recovers all kinds of objects you will regularly find in Outlook – emails, attachments, contacts, tasks, notes, etc. Based on a proprietary recovery engine that uses multiple analysis algorithms to identify recoverable data helps Inbox Repair Tool for PST remain one of the most efficient, fast and reliable solutions on the market. Every file created by the program is initially optimized and compacted, which saves you the trouble of having to do it after connecting it to Outlook.

If the file you are trying to fix using Inbox Repair Tool for PST was damaged very seriously and the program fails to open it, you can use one of its handy features to send the file directly to the program developers. They will attempt to recover the file using their own methods and will respond shortly with a status report.

If you have been looking for a piece of software that will help you view your damaged Outlook folders and subsequently restore them along with their contents, Inbox Repair Tool for PST is a perfect example of a balanced, affordable and easy to use tool with an advanced recovery engine.