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What is the best way to convert pst files of different versions?

April 20th, 2024

Learn how to quickly convert PST storage files used by different versions of Outlook for smooth and hassle-free data migrations. Read how Inbox Repair Tool for PST will help you convert PST to PST in nearly no time and with a bare minimum of efforts!

An ultimate PST conversion tool for every Outlook user.

Although the PST file format is used by all versions of Microsoft Outlook, version-specific variations of PST files may require conversion before being plugged into a working Outlook installation. As a rule, it happens after serious updates of your email software or migrations from one computer to another that involve PST version changes.

There may be several reasons for converting PST files created in one version of Outlook into others. For instance, you may have a PST file created in a newer version of Outlook (2003 or 2007), but only have an older version of Outlook installed on your computer. In this case, Outlook will not accept a file of an older version and you will need a special tool to save PST data in the old ANSI format used by the earlier version of Outlook (97/2000/2002) installed on your PC.

This UNICODE to ANSI PST conversion capability and the reverse ANSI to UNICODE conversion makes it possible to forget about the differences between different versions of Outlook data storage files and convert them whenever you feel necessary. If you are looking for a PST converter that will substantially facilitate standard PST conversion tasks, you definitely need to check out Inbox Repair Tool for PST.

This PST converter only needs minutes to get the job done right!

This simple, yet highly functional and infinitely useful PST converter will help you adapt the PST file you have to any Outlook version, old or new. You can easily degrade or upgrade a file’s PST version to make it compatible with your current setup with just a few mouse clicks. In addition to email messages, you will also be able to transfer all of the object types stored in PST files: notes, contacts, appointments and other calendar entries, etc.

Doing this with the help of Inbox Repair for Outlook is extremely easy – just select the file you would like to convert and the items within it that should be carried over to a new file, then let the program analyze its contents and keep hitting the Next button until prompted to enter the path and name of the destination file. Do that and the program will take care of the rest to convert PST data into the version of Outlook currently installed on your PC.

Once done, you can connect this file to your Outlook and start using it right away. Note that Inbox Repair Tool for PST will save PST files in a pre-compacted and optimized form, so you don’t need to perform any file optimization in Outlook.

Apart from being an excellent recovery tool, Inbox Repair Tool for Outlook will be right choice for users who need to convert PST to PST just once or on a regular basis. The program works with files of over 4 GB in size, so if you need to transfer your entire archive and convert PST data stored in a very large and old file, Inbox Repair Tool for Outlook will do it without a hitch!

The software also can help to process the OST to PST conversion.