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Похоже, у меня проблема с 2 ГБ PST.. Поможет ли инструмент восстановления для Outlook??

March 19th, 2018

See how Inbox Repair Tool for Outlook can help you solve the problem of oversized PST файлы. Этот ремонт ПСТ tool can convert large PST files of the old format into Unicode PST files that have no 2 GB limitation.

Solve the problem of unusable oversized PST files quickly and easily!

If you are using Outlook of an older version – 97 through 2002 – you may eventually face the problem of large PST или, as they are often referred to, oversized PST файлы. The problem is that older version of Outlook only supported files of up to 2 gigs in size. Today, 2 gigabytes of email messages with attachments can be accumulated within a week quite easily, so when a PST file of an old format reaches and exceeds this critical threshold, it “locks up” and becomes unusable. The worst thing about this situation is that you cannot just open the file and delete a bunch of old emails to free up some space inside the file. This file simply cannot be opened, so if you don’t have a backup copy made before the “2-gig day”, the situation may seem hopeless.

К счастью, Средство восстановления папки «Входящие» для Outlook is a fairly versatile ремонт ПСТ tool capable of restoring data from severely damaged PST/OST files, recovering accidentally deleted emails, converting OST files into the PST format and even (which is important in the context of this article) конвертировать oversized PST files of the old format into perfectly usable Unicode PST files not subject to any size limitations. The use of Unicode formatting in Outlook 2003 and later versions made it possible to lift the obsolete 2gb PST file size limitation. Однако, files of older versions could not be simply converted using standard Outlook features and this process required third-party tools like Inbox Repair Tool for Outlook.

Inbox Repair Tool for Outlook efficiently fixes the 2gb PST problem

This program efficiently solves the problem of large PST файлы, thus saving your time and money that would be otherwise paid to third-party data recovery services. Inbox Repair Tool for Outlook can fix PST files of versions 97-2002 by converting them into Unicode PST файлы хранения. To do that, выполните эти простые шаги:

  1. Начинать Средство восстановления папки «Входящие» для Outlook. Locate the PST/OST files exceeding 2 GB that your Outlook fails to open.
  2. Type the name and path of the destination Unicode PST файл.
  3. Leave the “Recovered File Format” default value unchanged. By default, the program converts all files to the new PST format (Office 2003 Outlook Personal File) – and that’s exactly what we need.
  4. Use the “Read” button below and click through all the steps of the recovery wizard to transfer the data. The output file will contain all of your items reformatted for their new Unicode container.

The generated Outlook 2003 PST file can now be plugged into your Outlook and used as you like. Как видишь, the notorious 2GB PST problem can be solved in minutes if you have Inbox Repair Tool for Outlook around when your own data clog your storage files nearly to death!