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L'outil de réparation de la boîte de réception pour Outlook peut-il récupérer les e-mails supprimés?

19 mars, 2018

See how Inbox Repair Tool for Outlook can help you récupérer les éléments supprimés from PST storage files. Learn about the benefits of this data recovery and PST repair software and situations when it can save a fair amount of your time and money.

Recover deleted emails from PST storage files with unprecedented ease

All versions of Microsoft Outlook traditionally store all users’ data in TVP (Personal Storage) et OST (Offline Storage) des dossiers. The former are the most popular type of container used by the overwhelming majority of this email client’s installations. PST files constantly accumulate e-mails, pièces jointes, Remarques, calendrier, Tâches, Contacts, personal folders and relevant service information and tend to grow quite big with time. This growth can be partly attributed to the fact that Outlook does not normally delete any of its items immediately after the user hits the Del key. Initially, these items are moved to the Deleted folder acts like the Recycle Bin in your Windows operating system. Cependant, if the user deletes them from there as well, it does not physically remove the items, but marks the area previously occupied by them up as vacant. Donc, all deleted items are stored in the same PST file until it is compacted and compressed.

Besides being an efficient data recovery tool, Outil de réparation de boîte de réception pour Outlook will also help you restore deleted messages from PST files. Bear in mind that you can only récupérer les emails supprimés from files that have not been compacted yet since the time these files were deleted. The compacting process purges the deleted items storage, which makes it impossible to recover deleted items from the file. The process of récupérer un email supprimé messages and other items is no different from recovering data from a damaged file. The easy-to-use recovery wizard the program is based on will turn this undertaking into a series of simple consecutive steps that will take minutes to complete.

The program will efficiently récupérer les emails supprimés from PST files

À récupérer les emails supprimés ou récupérer les éléments supprimés of any other types, select a completely undamaged PST file and follow the same algorithm you use for restoring data from damaged files:

  1. Commencer Outil de réparation de boîte de réception pour Outlook. Après cela, browse your local drives or network locations and find the PST file you want to récupérer les emails supprimés depuis.
  2. Enter the name of the output PST file and select its version (Perspectives 2003 ou Outlook 97-2002). If necessary, you can also modify the default recovery options (optimization of the structure of the destination file, recovery of attachments).
  3. Click the “Lire” button in the lower part of the window. Outil de réparation de boîte de réception pour Outlook will analyze the file and locate recoverable deleted items. Une fois fait, you will be able to press the “Suivant” button to proceed to the file contents preview step. This final step allows you to preview the contents of the file and save the data to the destination file specified at stage 2.

Comme tu vois, the process is literally as easy as 1-2-3. With Inbox Repair Tool for Outlook, tu peux restaurer les e-mails supprimés in minutes and won’t need any special skills or knowledge.